Opaque work of ‘influencers’, on the rise

If the 21st century stands out for anything, it’s because of the unstoppable momentum of digitization. Hand in hand with new technologies, social networks are the most favorite and deadly weapon of modern communication and therefore also modern communication. marketing. In this context the term influentialIn recent years, it has proven itself to be a very profitable profession with heroes who have carved a niche for themselves in the daily life of any young person (and not so young person). smart phone.

Before it emerged, fame was vested in singers, actors, and other artists who monopolized red carpets and starred in advertisements for brands that could pay for their caches. Now, they share the stage with ordinary people who have managed to grab the attention of the audience as they show a variety of content, from recipes to fashion tips to workout routines, via a screen. The doors of their private lives are wide open for their followers, and the line that feeds their heartfelt broadcasts and separates them from each other. celebrities of the influential is becoming more common. The most traditional celebrity has long begun to adopt innate forms of communication. influential to approach an audience that was previously light-years away. this influencersthey were equal to their fair share of fame and power.

The truth is, these new heroes are mobilizing the masses. They accumulate thousands or even millions of followers on their YouTube, Instagram and TikTok accounts. Through them, you can also reach a large naturally segmented audience. Thus, followers of a gastronomic account will become potential customers of kitchen utensils. And brands that are aware of this see in them an inexhaustible vein of leads that they don’t want to miss.

For example, for Belbo Collection restaurants, it is very important to cooperate with them because they are the “reference” for their customers, says head of communication, Virginia Sonson. In addition, its facilities are designed as: “Instagrammable”, encourage sharing on the network. And this is expressed in the same line David HartCEO of Saigu Cosmetics who thinks about it influencers It is a “much closer than other channels” channel to reach customers. For him, the return of a collaboration can be spectacular, but he also warns that finding it is necessary. influential It is better not to waste the investment.

Business model

business model influential Therefore, it is based on collaborations that make up 80% to 100% of their salary. They are committed to creating advertising content for brands, similar to how they would post any non-sponsored content. A strategy that provides a touch of humor or establishes a facial routine implies that the public can associate the characteristics of that product with the values ​​proclaimed by the organization. influential. Because the credibility of the creators, who are considered reliable people in the world of social networks, is very important and inconsistency is punished. Campaigns that are agreed upon have different durations and in some cases may even become permanent, leading to campaigns that are popularly known to the public. Brand ambassadors.

But how much in practice influential? Are they the newly rich? Everyone is trying to refute this common belief. because my term influential has long had a negative connotation: they were seen by brands as people who were given products and experiences for nothing. Everyone is emphasizing it now: It’s a very demanding job with no working hours. A influential is 24 hours a day.

But you can very well live as a content creator, taking into account that the price of collaborations is determined by them (or, if not, their representatives). While it has to be taken into account that ratios vary widely: there are no criteria beyond the famous – and somewhat abstract – degree to determine them. get engaged, responds to the scope of an account. Previously, the price was determined by the number of followers. Now, their loyalty, measured in their interaction with the creator, becomes more and more important: loveopinions and comments.

They charge much higher sums than the Spanish average, but many refuse to talk about money. And the few who dare to give numbers prefer to do so anonymously. Because they think they will be judged.

different numbers

The numbers given to us are far from following a dynamic. One, who has around 180,000 followers on Instagram, claims to be charged 1,400 euros for each ad campaign. pulley (video pinned to your account) and two stories (videos disappearing from profile within 24 hours of posting). This could mean around 50,000 Euros per year. Another, who has around 350,000 followers but is very focused on his work outside of networks, reveals that he can earn around 30,000 euros a year with Instagram. And one out of 282,000 followers exceeds 40,000 per year. Of course: when we approach half a million, the numbers go up to at least 160,000 euros.

Prices for collaborations vary, even within the same profile, depending on the material the brand demands (and of course the brand’s interest). influential to cooperate with him). A creator with around 700,000 followers confirms that their prices fluctuate between 2,000 and 12,000 euros.

There is no agreement regulating salaries, but neither is clear regulation at the workforce level. All autonomous, but none influential nor are the occupations of the creator included in Reta (special regime for freelancers). One thing many argue is to professionalize a job that is already established in society.

introduce all

The lack of regulation is also evident when it comes to advertising. While social networks are full of messages warning that the content is advertising, the truth is that many influencers They deny that some of their peers are willing to promote anything for money without strict laws to stop them.

They think that they will not cooperate with brands with which they do not feel identical and not promote products that they will not use in daily life. Considering that the public is no longer worth everything, the more influence, the greater the ability to decide with whom to cooperate and who not. However, as not all that glitters is gold, a few days ago CNMV announced that some influencers They may be disseminating investment advice without complying with EU requirements.

In this context, it is entirely possible influencers inflate prices. Senior vice president of Ogilvy Spain and CEO of Ogilvy Barcelona warns about this: Jordi Urbea. That’s why it’s crucial for creators to quantify what the impact is: “I don’t know if the prices they quote are as real as their impact,” he says.

Sometimes he believes that smart strategy doesn’t involve hiring greats. influential, but it has a smaller audience, a more fragmented public, which means a smaller investment. And it is reflected in the volatility of the industry. ” influencers “If they don’t look broadly, they have a very short-term business,” he says.

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