“The new Tres Forques health center is perfect for us, we had to take the bus to the doctor”

Concha Antelo Rey is in her eighties and somewhat limited in mobility. For years she had to take the bus to go to the doctor in Sant Isidre, quite far from her home. Starting tomorrow, both he and 20,000 people won’t have to travel for care because after a year and a half of work, Tres Forques health center opens its doors.

“It’s extraordinary and great for us because we had to go to the doctor by bus and I’m already eighty years old,” said the woman who visited the building yesterday. President of the GeneralitatHealth Minister Ximo Puig, Mayor Miguel Mínguez, Joan Riboand the deputy mayor Sandra Gómez. “We are very happy,” said the neighbor, who toured the facilities.

A new 3,000 square meter health center was built in an old district administration office building that was transferred by Generalitat and required an investment of around three million euros. It has 22 family medicine consultations, a SAMU ambulance base, and a pediatrics and obstetrics area. On the ground floor, an extraction room was set up. It will now serve approximately 20,000 neighbors who have migrated to other health centers in the city.


Opening of the new Health Center in Tres Forques
Edward Ripoll

Ministry sources explained to Levante-EMV that a letter has now been sent to everyone who can visit the center so they can choose whether they prefer to change or stay current. Appointments for participation in the new building for tomorrow, Monday have already been made.

This project ensures Tres Forques has a sanitary space after decades of righteousness. Because, as Antonio Góngora, president of the neighborhood association, points out, the health center is the story of a long neighborhood struggle. “We accomplished a struggle of more than 20 years among all the residents of the neighborhood,” he said, and admitted that “we also have the political will” to fulfill the neighborhood longing.

Emili, a member of the entity, explained that the neighbors themselves made the offer. Ministry of Health using that building to activate the health center after it has been emptied. When the health officials saw it, they said it was amazing.” Two other neighbors, Lola and Jesús, who were among the first to pass through the corridors and rooms of the new building, were “very happy” and also stated that “it’s time”. It took a long time to get this health resource.

At the end of the visit, president Ximo Puig referred to the PP’s stage at Consell, reminding that this center is “a promise at a given time, where there is a sense of disharmony”. Puig assured residents that because the new resource is a “modern building” it offers “very favorable conditions.”

“In 2012, when I was a member of the opposition council, we already wanted this health center,” said mayor Joan Ribó. In response, he wanted to congratulate the neighborhood association, “because what we have today is because of their work.” The consortium’s highest official stressed that this new space “values ​​the health of the neighborhood and heals the overcrowding that exists in others.

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