CCOO met with the Occupational Health and Safety Coordination Chamber Prosecutor

The Occupational Health and Environmental Sustainability Secretary and representatives of CCOO Law Firm and Legal Services had a meeting today with the Occupational Health and Safety Coordination Chamber Prosecutor and his team to analyze the reality of prevention and the accident rate. to explore lines of cooperation that can translate into an increase for the health and safety of our country as well as the working class.

The current scenario of significant increase in occupational accidents makes it important to seek synergies between the two institutions, if possible, to further activate the role of the Occupational Health and Safety Coordination Chamber Prosecutor.

During the meeting, both sides shared the analysis of the evolution of the accident rate in our country and the need to redouble all efforts that allow us to reduce and control occupational accidents and stop serious and fatal accidents fundamentally, starting with the first reflection on how to do this. Prevention is losing value not only in business environments but also in many public spaces.

Very relevant issues for CCOO were discussed, such as updating the Framework Protocol on cooperation between the General Assembly for the Judiciary, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the State Prosecutor’s Office for effective and speedy execution. investigation of crimes against the life, health and physical integrity of workers and the execution of convictions.

Mariano Sanz, CCOO’s secretary for Occupational Health and Environmental Sustainability, conveyed to the prosecutor’s office the urgent need to regulate criminal cases that are currently too long, with an average duration of more than 5 years and turning into job victims. it turns into a great oblivion even though it is in very vulnerable situations most of the time. In this sense, both institutions shared the need to make more projections and strengthen them with more materials and human resources to the Specialized Units in Occupational Accidents.

The training of judges and the specialization of courts in Occupational Health and Safety is a clear commitment of both the prosecution and the CCOO that the specialization and training of the judiciary not only helps us to shorten the response times of justice, but is better suited to the type of crimes prosecuted.

Another area of ​​special interest was the invisibility of the harm done to women in the field of crime, the agreement on the need to bring the authenticity of women in the workplace to this field, the different risks and harms women face at work. occupational health and safety management.

Addressing crimes related to occupational diseases should be a priority, according to the ILO and WHO, work-related diseases cause 4 times more deaths than occupational accidents and yet in very few cases patients or their relatives are compensated and reinstated

The Prosecutor’s Office, for the defense of all the rights of the employees, XV of the Criminal Code. The creation of a holistic unit that undertakes all the crimes in its title has transferred its commitment to the need for courts to specialize in this issue to the union. also increasing the powers of the Health and Safety Prosecutor’s Office in the social judiciary in order to intervene in processes arising from work accidents and occupational diseases.

A commitment to attend an upcoming conference under preparation by the Secretary for Occupational Health and Environmental Sustainability has been provided to promote knowledge and coordinated action between both agencies.


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