Compomís cuts €377 in housing assistance for mental health patients

problems with mint healthEspecially since the outbreak of the pandemic, they have created a niche for themselves in the public agenda. In fact, it is usual Inigo Errejon your question in control sessions State although in this case motivation is more Congress of Deputies strategy greens inside Germany.

In any case, it seems that different managements have become aware of this problem, which prompts them to make all their investments. means best deal for those who suffer and their families.

despite State central office can promote a national scale plan and city councils run a local initiative, Much of the competency in mental health is regional. Therefore, it is rare for an autonomous community that has not strengthened its resources and facilitated day-to-day work in this regard.

However, there should be exceptions in everything and this could be one of them. Valencian CommunityThe management of the Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policies – in the hands agree– it is harshly criticized not only by the opposition but also by relevant groups and associations on mental health issues.

For example, the presidency Housing and Services for Dependent Persons Cooperation of the Community of Valencia (AERT), Jose Maria Taurusas well as the department headed by the vice-president generalitat, Moreis is reduced assistance supervised accommodation for patients with mental health problems.

‘Insufficient’ help

Toro states that the Ministry’s contribution to these families, especially until August, is 2,350 Euros, and this amount is expected to start in January 2023. down to 1,973 euroswhich means that each “user has to pay almost four hundred euros”.

While it is true that the rebate provided by Equity was initially expected to be more severe, the new figure for Toro is only to be paid out until eight hundred euros is paid. “still not enough for the maintenance of the health network sanity».

In this context, the AERTE president system is “locked” because people won’t have enough money to pay for it.”

President pointing in the same direction Valencia Community Mental Health Federation, Rosa Bayarrithis indicates that clipping “damage” with a benefit that “depends on their inability to afford the cost”.

Bayarri especially cares about people. “with lower resources”because they are at serious risk of being excluded from mental health plans because the costs to be incurred are “greater than” the amount Generalitat will contribute.

In this way, he urges the Valencian Government to reconsider the budget ‘cut’ and to maintain a policy that takes into account the assistance received by families «total cost supervised housing.

Another of the major points of friction between professionals in the industry and Plus Since the intention is to transform day-to-day, patients in a supervised home receive the same care as those in an assisted home.

To avoid confusion, Bayarri states that the latter’s ” twenty-four hour surveillance and has a higher professional rate». Thus, it was designed to be inhabited by “people less prepared for an autonomous life”, that is, by patients. more severe.

In contrast, supervised housing “leaves a lot of time for people in difficulty. operational autonomy and at a lower professional rate there is supervision between certain hours».

A priori, under the logic of ‘the more caregivers, the better for the patient’, one might think that the policy it aims to promote would be better. agree It is the most convenient and convenient from the ministry. But nothing is far from the truth, because Toro “It’s not like this”. “Almost ninety percent of homes are for patients who need support but have some autonomy. Therefore, placing them in a home with a lot of help is to interrupt your rehabilitation process».

In this sense, the Aerte president insists that the only thing achieved by this is to “give him the feeling that he is not autonomous” and argues that this attempt ultimately did not materialise: “They have to promote one’s autonomy. Not because he’s always at home or in a center. In fact, the aim is for them to leave the house and return to their normal lives. It is not a center to be taken, but a center to leave.», says Toro.

Combining both aspects, economic and aid, the person in charge of Art is strong: «We must take care of people. according to your needs, not your financial capacity».

In the political sphere, opposition to the tripartite government –PSPV-PSOE, agree Y Combines Podem– In the Valencian Courts, he does not hide his discontent with the management of the administration. Plus in mental health.

assistant spokesperson for People’s Party in the regional parliament, Elena Bastidasto reject cuts “Anything that is intended to be implemented and that makes it impossible for a person to access such resources is a bad news».

In this context, those who say that “the person should be at the center of management are indeed “strongly struck”. what they put in the center is the price».

Patients referred to other communities

It is therefore regrettable that the Ministry’s reduction will “leave it on its own”. many families that cannot affordFor Bastidas, this, along with his left-wing trio, is unequivocal proof that “social services are unfortunately not for everyone”.

As for the change in care methodology, the popular is against it and argues that it would not be appropriate because it is not possible to “equalize the typologies of people’s problems when they are not the same”.

On his behalf, deputy spokesperson citizens At the Valencian Courts, Mary Quilesregional manager “the truth of mental health cuts».

Thus, the ‘orange’ attorney emphasizes that these measures “cause health problems in humans”. sanity having to go home from hospitalization units or day centers, other resources cannot be accessedeven if they need it.

This, according to Quiles, “not only affects their well-being, but also that of their families and especially womanbecause we finished often giving up our professional life staying in the care of relatives when there is no other option.

Likewise, he criticizes that the solution applied by the trio in the face of this situation is to “send” these patients. “to other autonomous communities”.

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