ICE reserves more than 100 million for science and technology with a new Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Self-Employed Strategy by 2027

The Business Competition Institute dedicates one hundred million euros to Science and Technology in the new strategy for entrepreneurs and freelancers. It is one of the innovations it contains. Budget of the Ministry of Economy and Financealso a Increasing the item of Regional Energy Asset. It will use some of the 57m euros to manage and operate its own consumption facilities and its own actions in renewable energy.

Two of the innovations in the Economics and Fiscal accounts, the first department to submit its budget to the Courts Commission, where all councilors came forward this week. This Monday, Carlos Fernández Carriedo argued that budgets require less taxes and more public services.

The Minister of Economy and Finance announced in Parliament that the activities of the Institute for Business Competitiveness (ICE) in the field of science and technology will amount to more than 100m euros next year. Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Self-employment Strategy 2022-2027“Roadmap of actions developed on these issues in the coming years”.

Carriedo opened his appearances in the regional Parliament to present the councilors’ accounts. The department that will have 542.5 million eurosIt “focused on capital operations” with a significant increase of 45 percent (€167 million) due to the arrival of EU funds. ICE will manage a global figure of 278.7 million, a 24.17 percent increase reflected in Castilla y León RIS3’s Intelligent Specialization Strategy, of which 36.03 percent (100.4 million) will go to science and technology, compared to this year will be 18.7 percent more. .

He said that in addition to the new Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Self-Employment Strategy, it will also be framed within the scope of actions to promote technological innovation. entrepreneur support program (starter)and Sodical’s one million Euro investments in the Innovative Entrepreneurship Fund.

Likewise, the consultant made a new statement. SME Digitization PlanWith 8.8m euros in the 2023 budget and an item of 14.6m euros to “fulfill its commitments in different regional initiatives”. The budget also includes subsidies of 33.6 million to support Business R&D and technology centers will receive an item of 6.6 million euros.

On the other hand, the consultant stopped investment in ICE’s business infrastructure. On the one hand, he stated that they will allocate 27.4 million euros for the improvement and four million euros to increase the allocation of the hotline allocated to finance the investment expenses in the business lands promoted by the local organizations of Castilla y León.


Regarding ICE programs for business support, he highlighted helplines for job creation and investment for SMEs with a planned item of more than 28 million Euros in different non-refundable subsidies.

The advisor also told lawmakers: Innovative growth plan for SMEs and midsize companies in Castilla y León It will receive a new contribution of 25.8 million euros, fulfilling its commitment to exceed 200 million by the end of the legislature.

As for the provisions of the Specific Funds and the liquidity support measures, they will amount to 10.1 million euros earmarked specifically for reindustrialization and Internal Resources funds, as well as for Soria’s entrepreneurship and revitalization.

The advisor also noted that liquidity support measures will continue through the ICE Finance Program, which will continue to be subsidized in collaboration with Iberaval. He added that financial instruments co-financed with the ERDF will be launched with a provision of 26 million euros.


Carlos Fernández Carriedo also reminded that the V Internationalization Plan 2022-2025, a program that will have 5.91 million euros in June, has been approved. In particular, he noted that the non-refundable subsidy line will be strengthened to promote the internationalization of SMEs and the self-employed and to encourage projects from 2,000 to 200,000 euros.

Likewise, Carrido stated that a Multinational Program will be launched as “a pathway to a greater degree of internationalization that will encourage working through permanent contact with these companies to capture investment projects”. Finally, in this regard, he stated that the personalized itineraries program will begin.


Regarding the Regional Energy Corporation (EREN), Carlos Fernández Carriedo emphasized that it has “significantly increased its budget”, reaching 57.3 million. He said this increase was “mainly” a result of the €46.3m capital transfers in chapter 7, which was aimed at granting assistance for self-consumption, storage and thermal renewable utilities under the Recovery Plan, Transformation. and Endurance. 89 percent of EREN’s income comes from transfers.

In this regard, the councilor announced that they will be discussing the final phase of the elaboration of the Energy Efficiency Strategy of Castilla y León 2030. “Consistent with the targets set in the European Union and Spain”.

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