Lorca City Council collaborates with CEPAIM in celebration of Community Health Days: ‘My neighborhood takes care of itself’

Lorca City Council councilors on Diversity, Health and the Politics of the Elderly, Antonia Pérez, José Ángel Ponce and María Dolores Chumillas, together with CEPAIM representatives Lorena Martínez de Miguel and Micaela Romero, presented the Community Health Conference: ‘My neighborhood takes care of itself .

Pérez said, “Thanks to the work of CEPAIM in our municipality from November 14-19, they will enjoy the Community Health Days: ‘Mi Barrio Se Cuida’, which will be held in the neighborhoods of San Cristóbal, San Diego. and adjacent areas are framed in the Environment-S Project as part of the Intercultural Community Dynamization and Social Inclusion Project”.

The mayor of Diversity noted that “these days, CEPAIM is the result of the community work that has been excellently developed in our municipality and has created a Community Health chart with local representatives to promote community health in these neighborhoods from a community perspective and combining awareness, prevention and health promotion. comprehensive mediation”.

Antonia Pérez said, “Promoting the values ​​of diversity and equality of all people residing in our municipality, and thus of CEPAIM and all these organisations, is an activity that works on the principles of this Government team. Promoting all these values ​​will find the support of the Municipality of Lorca.

CEPAIM representative Lorena Martínez de Miguel said, “The purpose of the Community Health Days: ‘Mi Barrio Se Cuida’ is the participation of all groups: elderly people; boys and girls; To try to reach the whole population, trying not to forget anyone, men, women and families, where issues such as healthy nutrition, mental health, physical exercise, emotional education will be addressed in a way that will improve public health in all areas. they were all structured with the region’s own resources, thus giving them visibility and opening up to the community”.

“Therefore, posters in many languages, primarily Spanish, French and Arabic, were created to promote this event to promote knowledge and participation of residents of the diverse culturally diverse community. participation in conferences”.

The CEPAIM representative stated, “On Monday, November 14, the program started with the ‘Healthy Family’ workshop at the Juan González School; followed by the ‘I Love Me, I Take Care of Myself’ workshop focusing on the health of people over the age of 60, and the children’s workshop ‘Owning My Emotions’ in the afternoon at the Poncemar Day Center at 10:30. At 5:15 pm at the San Cristóbal Civic Center. The Healthy Walk, which will start at 9:30 am on Tuesday, November 15th at the San Diego Health Center, will start at ‘Take care of your heart’ and ‘How should you take care of your health?’ at 11:00 am. heart ‘ on Lorca University Campus”.

“On Wednesday, November 16, Colegio San Cristóbal students will enjoy the ‘Healthy Family’ workshop and the ‘I Love Me, I Take Care of Myself’ workshop aimed at the entire population. A gymnastics master class for seniors and the ‘Caring for My Emotions’ workshop, organized by the Center de Poncemar and the Policy Department for Seniors on Thursday 17 November, at 10:30 am at Plaza de Curtidores. Children 6 to 10 years old at 5:15 PM at the San Cristóbal Civic Center.”

“We will enjoy an urban dance session organized by the ‘Macu Hernández’ Center for Education and Welfare at 5pm on Friday the 18th and a responsible BodyCombat session at 5:45pm,” said Martínez de Miguel. We will end the program with a bike ride through the main streets of the San neighborhoods, starting from World Fitness Pasarela at San Diego Park and on Saturday, November 19 at 10:30 am Rafael Maroto Boulevard. Diego. Cristóbal and San Diego will finally close these sessions at 12:00 at the Plaza de Curtidores”.

Finally, Lorena Martínez de Miguel said, “To emphasize the engagement and networking established with the Department for Diversity, Health and Policy for Seniors; Lorca University Campus; San Diego Health Center; Poncemar Foundation; World Fitness Podium; Education and Welfare Center ‘Macu Hernández’; Lorca Bicity; The Lorca Landscape Quality Platform and the schools of San Cristóbal, Juan González and Sagrado Corazón”.

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