Mazarrón health center develops a pediatric care avoidance model – Murcia – San Javier

The Ministry of Health is developing a pilot experience in Mazarrón that brings the hospital closer to health centers through a model of pediatric care.

Thanks to this project, a pediatrician from the Santa Lucia hospital will have a special agenda for the evaluation of the most complex childhood pathologies that have arisen and will go to the Mazarrón health center twice a week and Puerto de Mazarrón once a week.

Health Minister Juan José Pedreño visited Puerto de Mazarrón’s health center today, where “it is an initiative that will significantly improve healthcare for the reference pediatric population of these two primary healthcare areas who need to go to their reference hospital centers to see their specialists”.

A pioneer in the Region of Murcia, this new model of pediatric care was launched this month to bring hospital care closer to two centers in the municipality.

Thus, the doctors of these two centers will include in their pediatrician’s diaries cases that may require a visit to the outpatient department of the Santa Lucia hospital. In this way, children and their families will not have to travel to Cartagena and the diagnosis time will be shortened, resulting in improved treatment and follow-up.

The Mazarrón health center serves approximately 19,559 health cards, and its staff works with three doctors caring for 2,437 children. Puerto de Mazarrón health center has two health centers assigned to 2,028 people.

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