Mazarrón health center launches a new model of pediatric care that avoids going to the hospital

MURCIA (EUROPEAN PRESS). this Health consultancy a pilot develops experience mazarron According to regional government sources, this brings the hospital closer to health centers through a model of pediatric care. Thanks to this project, A pediatrician from the Santa Lucia hospital will have a specific agenda for the assessment of the most complex childhood pathologies emerging and participating To Mazarrón health center twice a week Y To Puerto de Mazarrón once a week.

health consultant, Juan Jose PedrenoHe visited the Puerto de Mazarrón health center where “this is an initiative that will significantly improve health care for the reference pediatric population in these two primary health areas; specialist”.

A pioneer in the Region of Murcia, this new model of pediatric care was launched this month to bring hospital care closer to two centers in the municipality.

Thus, the doctors of these two centers will include in their pediatricians’ diaries cases that may require a visit to the outpatient department of the Santa Lucia hospital. In this way, children and their families will not have to travel to Cartagena and the diagnosis time will be shortened, resulting in improved treatment and follow-up.

The Mazarrón health center serves approximately 19,559 health cards, and its staff works with three doctors caring for 2,437 children. Puerto de Mazarrón health center has two health centers assigned to 2,028 people.

24 hour Red Cross ambulance in 2023

On the other hand, the consultant announced that the Red Cross ambulance service in Mazarrón will be extended to 24 hours every day of the year, thanks to a new agreement to be signed with this organization. 310,000 Euros, aid will be improved and if such a transfer is required, the time to arrival at the reference hospital will be shortened.

Pedreño stressed that the current agreement’s increase in economic endowment will allow for “intermittent delivery of every day of the week under coordination at the beginning of 2023” of emergency and emergency assistance through a basic life support ambulance. Administration of 061, which represents an improvement in aid and the movement of patients in the city.

Currently, the ambulance operates and represents from Monday to Thursday 08:00 – 18:00, Fridays 08:00 – 12:00, Saturday 24 hours and Sunday 0:00 – 18:00. 145 thousand euro contribution

For emergency care and health emergencies that require the participation of an ambulance, the device consists of the Mobile Emergency Unit and the Red Cross ambulance and base 061.

Basic Life Support ambulances are aid vehicles equipped to care for patients on the road. In the case of Mazarrón, it is a medical transport aimed at providing the patient with initial health care. They usually transfer patients who are stable and not life-threatening but may require ongoing care by health and primary care personnel.

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