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If there’s one thing that marks the return of summer, it’s getting kids back into school. The moment when some suffer from mild processes that need detailed medical attention to ensure they can attend classes without getting serious. In those months, just as in the months we live in now, the figure of the pediatrician plays a fundamental role in checking the health of the little ones in the household. Therefore, we will see how DoctorGO “Visiting the pediatrician” is now history, being able to do it on mobile and enjoying many services that we will see below and that will make our lives much easier.

The first and most important advantage we have when using DoctorGO In order to protect the health of our children, we can consult the pediatrician on the mobile phone screen. The process is very simple and fast, because on the one hand we can meet with a pediatrician by chatting any day of the week, and with GPs at any time of the day or night, both via chat and videoconferencing.

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Telemedicine 24H DoctorGO
Telemedicine 24H DoctorGO

Telemedicine 24H DoctorGO
Telemedicine 24H DoctorGO

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As we have seen, there are many opinions about the obvious advantages of keeping in touch with the specialist supervising our children and having quick access to medicines without leaving home. An indispensable service when you’re at work or dealing with anything outside of your home, activities that will no longer prevent you from being in full contact with a pediatrician. Also, why not tell, the pediatrician performs a vital job of psychological support, especially for new parents.

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Telepharmacy and video consulting, ideal complements

It is a fact that minors have a healthy habit of constantly getting sick at unusual times, so 24-hour video consultation is essential, but less important is the delivery of medicines to the home at no extra cost. Even more so if everything happens in the middle of the night or during the most inopportune hours of the weekend. Simply order the medicine by phone or mail and a courier will bring it to your home, as we said, without paying an extra euro. Those who are parents know that the value of this service is invaluable when the child is sick and does not stop crying and complaining. While the medicine is coming to your home at full speed, remember that you will not stop being with your baby in this way.

DoctorGO with HTCDon’t forget we can get you in shape

Being aware of your children’s health does not mean that you stop being fit or taking care of your nutrition like the best professionals, so we remind you that the personal trainer is completely free at DoctorGO and the personal trainer is at your service. Virtual gym full of sample videos. When it comes to food, there’s nothing like a nutritionist so he shows off the best possible food from the app.

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Very important

If you didn’t know, pediatrics is vital to your child’s future development, well beyond the first years of his life. This expertise in protecting and caring for children and adolescents has proven to be one of the most important pillars for good adult health. So it is a necessary thing for the youngest in the house, as it emerged in the scientific world in the mid-nineteenth century as a branch of general medicine. Spain has more than six thousand experts in this field.

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