“Owning a charging point provides a competitive advantage as well as being a business in itself”

Electric mobility is a reality and is increasing every year. They know this very well at ABB, a company specializing in electrification, EV charging, power distribution, robotics, automation, industrial equipment and other engineering technologies whose turnover in this sector continues to grow. ABB is the world leader in electric vehicle charging. They have more than 30,000 fast charging points (greater than 50 KW) and more than 350,000 AC chargers, they have chargers installed in 88 countries and in total they sell more than half a million of all their models. ABB E-mobility Spain director Álvaro Vázquez, informed by his experience, does not hesitate to acknowledge Vitoria-Gasteiz’s strategic role in electric charging because of its location – “very well. Connected with other Basque cities, Logroño, Pamplona, ​​southbound and a transitional axis towards France” – and in terms of energy – “it has great industrialization and it is easier to find power to charge points”.

For the business manager, the industry is committed to providing good advice to customers, establishing enough charging points to meet the needs of a growing market, and allowing people and professionals to move easily around the country. In this sense, ABB offers chargers that guarantee “high availability and versatility”. “When our customers plug in an ABB charger, they assure themselves that the equipment itself is built to last, they have over 140 years of warranty from a major company, what they buy gives them what they expect, and their investment is backed up over time,” he says. “This is not just about a charger. It is a constantly updated, monitored and accessible team. In order for this to happen, there is a giant team like us behind it,” the official says, adding that “you have to make sure it works” in addition to owning the terminal. “People want to charge fast, they want to charge cheap when they do it at home, but most of all, they don’t want to be intimidated, they want reliable charging, when they go to a hotel or go to pick up their car. After leaving it on charge, it is,” he explains the sentence: “ABB has all of the chargers in them. He has always taken it as the foundation of his business, that time work, monitoring, and that customers need to know that the charger is active and that their vehicle is being charged.”

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The ABB president points out that the commitment to charging terminals will be a point of difference between companies, services and regions. “In the medium term, the professional sectors (delivery, taxis, buses, police…) will be all-electric and passenger cars are growing nowadays, so offering recharging will make many people choose your service over service. competition”. At this point, Álvaro Vázquez believes it is important to emphasize the role of institutions and private businesses when it comes to attracting customers in this business environment. “If Alava is a place with a lot of traffic and has many charging points, then professionals and passenger cars stop in the area and go to the business with the terminal “It’s easier than going to a border area. If I’m going to spend the night in a hotel, I’ll do the one that gives me the option to charge the car,” he thinks.

When asked about the future of electric mobility, Vázquez is clear about his growth but is determined to go one step further. “Today it is almost guaranteed that you can get around Spain in an electric car, and there are high, medium and low power chargers throughout the country. But if the number of cars grows more than the number of infrastructure, it will be busy when we travel and arrive at a charging point. That’s why we move from the stage where we try to stop at a place with a charging point to a stop at a place where there are enough charging points where I’m going to stop,” he explains.

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