PS Opinion | Sell, sell, sell, sell… Peter Lim bought Valencia just to do business

VALENCIA. Valencia finds themselves with a confused and frankly chilling future. But since Meriton bought the company, one thing has definitely become clear. No one from Singapore intends to make the team a reference club with a fighting spirit in Spanish and European football. That just remains for the history and the many memories that made our team, Valencia, much more than just a simple sports team. This club has always fought for everything and is now on a spooky road. The sad thing is, the future looks worse than the sad present we live with every day. Peter Lim’s idea definitely clashes with the real idea that the thousands of fans of the Mestalla team have. Fans want to live and vibrate with their team. Lim just wants to do business and doesn’t care about the future of this entity.

do not misunderstand

I will be frank with you. When I wrote “sell, sell, sell…” in the headline, I was obviously not talking about the Singapore rich leaving our club shortly. To date, it has never crossed his mind to sell it, nor is there any group or person who can raise money that Lim considers Valencia’s valuable. The summary is clear: neither Lim makes any offers to buy our equipment.

players, players

When I say sell, frankly, I mean buying and selling players solely and exclusively for Meriton’s benefit. That’s the thing, that’s why Lim bought the club, and that’s why Lim is refreshing that Valencia has grown and become that competitive team again. And there are two data that are totally clear and that somehow show us where Valencia is going because it’s in the hands of these people. Come and read.

The youngest

And Lim’s job is clear. Valencia currently has the youngest squad in the Spanish league, with many players younger than many Mestalleta players, for example. Cavani is the only player to break the average, but that’s not enough to be a competitive team. Now, the purpose of the property is absolutely clear and just by thinking a little about this Valencia you will come to the conclusion that I did. It’s not about building a competent team that fights fiercely for its future. Yes, on the contrary, this team trains very young players to be sold later in business. The evidence is overwhelming.


A few days ago we were able to read a few words of Marcelino referring to the Valencia of his time, and it makes it very clear where the club is heading. Marcelino – I can’t say where he made these statements due to ignorance – stated that the club had ordered him not to win the Copa del Rey final against Barcelona, ​​as if it were real. And the point is there. Valencia is not interested in anything other than doing business with football players. A title is not a priority for Peter Lim. Dealing with very young players and doing business with them is obviously yes.

scares the future

If you feel Valencia’s colors as your own, as the colors of your life, I’m sorry to say that everything has changed since the club was sold to the Singaporean boss. Valencia is no longer struggling to grow as a sports team. The truth is stubborn and this fact tells us that our club is in the hands of a speculator named Mendes and his partner. Winning games is not important anymore. The important thing is just to re-evaluate and sell the young people. A job that hurts the feelings of all Valencians.

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