PSOE and Compromís teamed up with Carlos Baño de la Cámara to add support to the Municipal Mental Health Plan

Councilors Rafa Mas – Compromís – and Lara López – PSOE – held a meeting at the Chamber of Commerce, soliciting, presenting and soliciting the support of the Chamber of Commerce and its president, Carlos Baño, for the jointly prepared Municipal Mental Health Plan. organizations such as ADIEM. Both groups issued a corporate statement at their last plenary meeting in October, urging the municipal government to develop a plan for the city of Alicante at the call of the Municipal Health Council.

In line with this, the mayor, Rafa Mas, said, “Mental health is a challenge in today’s society and should be a priority in the health policies of the municipal government team. Therefore, we present an initiative to establish and create the Local Health Council. A municipal mental health plan: prevention, promotion and care of mental health for people with mental health problems and their families, with an emphasis on the most vulnerable groups such as children, adolescents or those without resources. health is not a priority for this municipal government, but should be addressed urgently as society demands it We should get it.”

On behalf of the socialist mayor Lara López, “We believe that the City Council has tremendous competence to work for public awareness in mental health. Removing stigmas of mental health and promoting prevention is conducive to improving the society of the future. The initiative is in many municipalities. already managed, which supports this group’s repositioning itself in all areas, especially in the social and labor spheres”.

Institutional disclosure provides data on the importance of dealing with mental health. The World Health Organization (WHO) concludes that one in four people will experience a mental health problem during their lifetime. Three million people in Spain were diagnosed with medical depression (6.68% of the population according to the INE). In addition, the data reflect a clear gender effect, with women suffering from episodes of major depression twice the prevalence (9%) than men (4%). In the case of the prevalence of suicide in Spain, it is 7.9 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, making it the first external cause of death at 3,539 deaths per year (twice the traffic accidents that concern us). ) . This is the stage where more cases are seen from the age of 65 (almost half). In this already bad situation, these numbers skyrocketed with the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic crisis that ensued.

CIS in February 2021 alarming data such as 11.7% of Hispanics death of a close relative, 15% anxiety attacks, 11% despair, 35% crying and often, 6.4% has shown. saw a mental health professional and 5.8% use antidepressants. The UN itself raised on 14 May 2020 the need to take special measures to take care of mental health in the context of the rise in suicide and drug use. The annual cost of a patient with depression is estimated to be 235 Euros. But the greatest danger of depression is that it is a precursor to the possibility of suicide. When faced with these data, mental health problems continue to be taboo in the social and political field and do not take up space in the media.

For all these reasons, the general purpose of the declaration is for the Alicante City Council to develop a Municipal Mental Health Plan and convene the proposed municipal health council in the Health Prevention and Social Coexistence subcommittee established within the framework of the Health and Social Assistance Commission. Recovery against COVID-19, where 20 measures were agreed, including the creation of this council. In this way, the current situation and a prevention and response plan for the most vulnerable groups are analyzed.

This plan should address: raising awareness among the population of the severity of the problem, the need to pay special attention to the most vulnerable segments of the population, such as people suffering from COVID-19, the elderly, infants, adolescents, socio-health personnel or people with pre-existing mental health pathologies. As well as social awareness to reduce stigma, combat myths, promote help systems and thus encourage the patient to seek help and ensure early detection of the problem. Act on the prevention of depression, one of the primary areas of social care, given that it is the most associated risk factor for suicidal behavior, particularly in adolescents and the elderly.

As a result, the PSOE and Compromís declaration, together with the call of the Municipal Health Council for the city of Alicante, among other agreements, the participation of citizens and their associations, as well as organizations representing social interests in the field of Public Health. act against the social discrimination of people with a mental disorder and the need to intervene early, effectively and efficiently before disruptive behavior occurs, promote municipal care programs for people affected by mental health problems through the creation of support groups, as well as support agreements with the city’s social representatives in this area and the media guide with recommendations by Alicante City Council to report on mental health adopts its use.

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