Roma discrimination on the rise in education, health and housing – Society

According to the Discrimination and Roma Community 2022 Annual Report, although the biggest increase is in education, health and housing, social networks and media are the areas where discrimination against the Roma community is most common. By Fundación Secretariado Gitano (FSG).

Presented in Seville this Monday, the Report includes a total of 554 cases—analyzed and documented—of discrimination against Roma in the past year. A follow-up study was conducted on the code of conduct on online hate speech signed between internet companies and the EU, which included 180 cases.

Specifically, 189 cases of discrimination occurred in the field of social networks, followed by 87 cases in the media; 79 access to goods and services; 51 cases related to education; 40 housing and others access to employment; 26 in the field of police services, as in “other cases”; In 16 cases, they refer to health issues.

The report concludes that there has been a “significant” increase in cases where victims have been identified in various areas, and that media cases have decreased and there has been greater awareness of victims and more interest in advocating human rights when reporting cases.


Most of the discrimination cases in the media are the news that mention the ethnic origin of the people in cases of violence, guilt or delinquency, that are against the deontological codes, as well as the anti-Gypsy hate comments published by the news readers. in digital versions of newspapers.

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