Sergio Ramos’ works outside of football

  • In addition to being a great football player, Sergio Ramos has proven himself to be a successful businessman with his parent company Sermos 32 SL.

  • The former madridista founded Sermos 32 SL in 2004 and has since entered three industries: real estate, livestock and the arts.

  • Within Sermos 32, Ramos owns Yeguada SR4, a stud farm established in 2004 on a magnificent 44-hectare estate in Seville that has earned the respect of the equestrian world.

Sergio Ramos he is the one the most outstanding football players of our country. Having a successful career dating back to 2004, when he started to take his first steps to the First Division with Sevilla, Sevillian To boast of being the most awarded defender in the eleven ideals of UEFA and FIFA and have been nominated for the Ballon d’Or at least six times.

He played for Real Madrid for more than fifteen years. the club where he spent almost his entire career and the current defender of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG, according to the acronym), who has been the captain since the 2015-2016 season He managed to win the League five times and UEFA four times.. International since 2005, he became the captain of the Spanish National Team since 2016, becoming two-time European champion (2008 and 2012) and world champion in 2010.

Sergio Ramos’ track record leaves no doubt: he is, in his own right, one of the best players our country has ever had. However, Sevillian also off the field. proved to be a special gift for businesswhere he succeeded in producing true millionaires with its parent company Sermos 32 SLA company he founded in 2004 and entered into three sectors unrelated to the football world: real estate, livestock and art.

Of these three sectors, it was the farm owner who brought the most pleasure and benefit to the old Madrid. Ramos, who has been a fan of horses since childhood, Owner of a prosperous stud farm that has won the admiration of fans of the equestrian world: Stud farm SR4.

This is the prosperous stud farm of Sergio Ramos.

Also established in 2004 This stud farm has been in La Alegría since 2012.A magnificent 44-hectare estate located in the Bollullos de la Mitación municipality of Seville.

It is directed by Carlos Muela, husband of the football player’s sister Miriam Ramos. This stud farm has about 50 thoroughbred Spanish horses., we can find both mares and horses bred to compete and win among themselves. In fact, the company’s horses have won a significant number of awards, enabling the company to position itself as a true reference point in the equine world and particularly in the breeding of thoroughbred Spanish horses.

Sergio Ramos created the Yeguada SR4 in 2004LIONEL URMAN/SIPA/Cord Press

For the reproductive process, the company follows a strict selection process for mares. As stated on their website, this process is based on the following criteria: have three good gaits (walk, trot and canter), have a good genetic base, have a good lower body, have a good angle. back, somewhat balanced hips, strong backs and cadenced harmonic movements. With, aims to breed horses with certain functional and morphological characteristics. and that they do not impose any restrictions on their use in Spanish thoroughbreds.

this Sergio Ramos’ company has proven to be one of his most successful businesseshas managed to position itself as one of the most valuable stud farms both within and outside our borders. Of all the horses bred, Yucatán de Ramos stands out as an example that emerged in 2018. Managed to establish himself as world champion in SICAB (International Thoroughbred Spanish Horse Show).

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