Villa win in Mora (Castilla-La Mancha, Sports)

Villa won in Mora

The villa was opened on the afternoon of Sunday, November 6, in the municipality of “Las Delicias” of the city of Moracha, First Preference II. On the 10th day of the group’s discussion, he made history in a shootout that resulted in a football recital. , without losing a win, the most guaranteed third place and the fifth day in a row. Therefore, the young team striker of La Villa de don Fadrique replaced Javi Vela, who was also the striker of the first team, in the afternoon, which ended with the debut of Rodrigo Heras, who left in 84. the gates of the hat-trick in this match. Thus, the La Mancha team signed off on another afternoon for the history of the Fadriqueño club.

The first half started with alternating dominance, lots of midfielders and few entrances into opposing areas in the first 15 minutes, but yes, there was a lot of intensity in the game. Gradually Villa began to like it and began to capitalize on and combine the wonderful work he had exhibited, and after a quarter of an hour he gave a full football recital in all fields. Attacks soon followed from Fadriqueña’s squad, such as Jesús Ángel Aranda’s kick, which the local keeper had to take a corner kick in the 17th minute.

Five minutes later, Ismael, who replaced Fran Martín after being injured, slid a pass between the lines and brought Javi Vela into the net, making the score 0-1. Mora was knocked out and Fausti Manzanero’s men were about to widen the lead two minutes after Ismael, centered Javi Vela played a great game on the entire forward line serving Jesús Ángel Aranda and eventually starting with Miguel Ángel Cruza. This bounced off a central defender and narrowly missed.

And at the 24th minute, Javi Vela received another pass from Miguel Ángel Cruza into the hole, again hitting the target with a cross-kick, making the score 0-2. As the half-hour wrapped, it was David “Carni” who assisted Javi Vela. With the second goal, the visitors lowered their level of play a bit and both opportunities came to Mora, one from striker Christian, his mid-kick hit the counter post and just before the timeout, Álex took a shot from the striker and then went back. He hits the crossbar after taking a rebound from the offensive play put together by Jorge and Christian.

Second half: Mora started strong, conceded two more goals and finished with one less goal

The second part began with the same intensity reached in between. Mora jumped onto the field ready to find an equalizer and closed Villa after having to work hard on defense during the first 10 minutes. It was the first three events: The first was a pass from Mario Joaquín, and the shot was managed by visiting goalkeeper Jorge just as Jaime was about to finish off the goal. Then Christian shot at close range, but Jorge Guijarro once again made a great save and finally Álex took a free kick in front of the half-circle, and Christian finished off with an outside kick in the 53rd minute,

Meanwhile, Javi Vela stole a ball from the centre-backs and was about to stir up trouble in the purple box, but his shot turned out high. From 55 minutes on, Villa regained control and after the first siege, the recital of the game continued with the dangerous arrival of Miguel Ángel Cruza in the 56th minute, as he did when Javi Vela missed a pass. Then came controls and triangulation and another great offensive play, this time played by Óscar Guijarro, who served Ismael between the lines, making the situation 0-3, entering the field, passing his opponents and beating Sergio at the start.

The goal was Joaquín’s direct free kick, which Jorge Guijarro caught well under the sticks, José Javier Talavera’s one-on-one with his back defender and Fadriqueño’s goalkeeper managed to win the match with a famous hand that avoided Christian’s last shot and was already preparing to push it to the bottom of the goal. . And finally, a high shot from Joaquín that ended the local game, as well as a desire to reduce the gap from a kicked-out Mora after Christian saw his second yellow card at 84 minutes.

The final five minutes were played by Villa, who left Óscar Guijarro’s David “Carni” off the ice with a beautiful back heel pass that without hesitation knocked Sergio to make it 0-4. Before the final whistle, Mora tried Mario’s shot and Jorge stopped him with another big tackle. And that was the end of a great game in which Fausti Manzanero’s men managed to score three gold points for the first time from one of the hardest courses in the category, against an opponent who was injured for most of the match. Kim carried a lot of danger in her actions when she had the opportunity.

Villa thus puts Noblejas in third place, one point behind second place, who has kept the furniture to a minimum against Sporting de Alcázar and is already considering his next appointment at home, at La Villa de don Fadrique’s “Gregorio Vela”. On Sunday, they’ll be waiting for another rendezvous with Sporting Cabanillas, who beat Seseña 2-0 and will be another tough contender to be beaten on Fadriqueña soil, to continue writing the history of a club that remains at the top of the standings.

Serrano and García Cervigón triumph in La Solana 10K

At the eighteenth test of the Ciudad Real Popular Racing Circuit-Provincial Municipal Cup 2022, both set best times with a record in the men’s category. 650 athletes came together in this popular test.

Francisco Serrano and Rosario García Cervigón won with two victories in the eighteenth round of the Ciudad Real Popular Racing Circuit-Provincial Council Cup this Sunday. La Solana’s 10K Antonio Serrano “Julián Delgado Monument”, where 650 athletes participated and a new record was set in the men’s category.

In this way, Francisco Serrano also broke his previous record at La Solana by crossing the finish line in 30 minutes or 43 seconds. This marks his second and seventh victory of the season in his history on the Track. Imanol Cruz was second with 32 minutes 33 seconds and Andy Morales was third with 32 minutes 42 seconds.

In the women’s category, the win went to Rosario García Cervigón with a time of 37 minutes; She also served in her second victory in 2022 and her eighth victory in her savings. Esther Jiménez de los Galanes was third with 37 minutes 45 seconds and Mercedes Romero 39 minutes and 33 seconds behind.

After the dispute of this appointment, on the Circuit website ( registration platform has already been activated so that all interested athletes can formalize their registration for the Miguelturra Countryside Half Marathon on November 20 and the 10K Daimiel on December 11. With these two races, the 2022 season will come to an end.

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