What to see and do in Pamplona and Navarra today


‘I want to be a scientist’. Gaztambide Theatre, Tudela. 11:00 Theatre. The study aims to make models visible so that girls can identify themselves and be inspired to increase their interest in science and technology as the researchers themselves will bring these historical figures to life. Organizes: UPNA Head of Women, Science and Technology. Limited capacity. Pre-registration is required. More information: https://semanasciencianavarra.org/activities/

Conference: ‘Is the cold war back? Science, technology and economic development’. 3rd floor lobby. UPNA Lecture Building. 7:00 in the afternoon. Speakers: UPNA Professor of Economics Franco Mar Rubio Varas, curators of the exhibition Science, Diplomacy and the Cold War in Spain. Joseba de la Torre Campo is Professor of Economics at UPNA. Joaquín Sevilla Moróder, Director of the Kutxa UPNA Scientific Dissemination Work Chair. Arrangements: Kutxa UPNA Scientific Dissemination Work Chair. Free admission.


‘Encounters with Happiness’. El Corte Ingles Cultural Space Room, Pamplona. 19 hours. With psychologist Emilio Garrido. In this first session he will talk about ‘Five free tools that are perfectly compatible with being happier when done systematically: physical exercise, social relationships, sex, being grateful and leading a healthy lifestyle’. Free entry up to full seats.

Speech by cartoonist César Oroz. UNED Tudela. 19:15 The graphic humorist from Diario de Navarra will participate in a discussion with the official cartoonist of Royal Society Mikel Soro ‘Marrazketabar’. Free admission as part of the program of events organized by Peña Real Sociedad de Tudela on the occasion of its 25th anniversary.


‘What do bad eaters eat?’ Presentation of the book. The Multi-Purpose Hall of the Parliament of Navarra. 18 hours. Expert on food sovereignty with co-author Isa Alvarez. The head of the Foral Parliament introduces Unai Hualde. Public.

Introducing the book ‘Voices of mental health services in the 21st century under the biomedical sign’. Pamplona-Yamaguchi Library. 4.30 in the afternoon. Author, by clinical psychologist Miguel Ángel Valverde. Free entry up to full seats.

Introducing the book ‘Archipiélago 988’. New Main Casino, Pamplona. 19 hours. A collective storybook. Presenters: Diego Kindler and Pedro M. Martínez Corada. Organized by Ana Martínez Mongay, Ateneo Navarro Fellow for Literature and Linguistics.

Coffee with a book: ‘Neighbors’ by Lília Momplé. 1st Class Civil. 18 hours. With the participation of Sonia Fernández Quincoces, editor of the ‘LitErÁfricas’ blog. Presenter Olga Balbona, librarian. In the ‘XXII Essential Africa’ cycle. Registration: informacion.civican@fundacioncajanavarra.es or 948 222 444.

Inclusive reading workshop. Civivox Miraculous. 12 hours. ‘Inclusive reading club’. For adult audiences and people with intellectual disabilities or Down syndrome in general. Revived by professionals from the Down Syndrome Society of Navarra. Free admission, pre-registration tel. 010, Civivox network or www.pamplonaescultura.es


Quintet with piano Europe. Fernando Remacha Auditorium, City of Music, Pamplona. 7:30 p.m. Speakers: Cristian Ifrim, violin I. Anna Radomska, violin II. Carolina Uriz, viola. Diego Arbizu, cello. Maruxa Llorente, piano. Works by Dvorak and Brahms. Organized by Ateneo Navarro.


Performative setup: ‘Farfarout’. Civivox Officer. 20 hours. Interdisciplinary performative proposal involving science, music, dance, soundscapes, mediation and research dialogue. A team of astronomers recently confirmed the discovery of a new, more distant object in our solar system, scientifically known as 2018AG37, nicknamed Farfarout. Condestable becomes a cosmic calendar lived and experienced. The central courtyard is home to the big bang, and from it emerges the history of the universe, which will be distributed across twelve interconnected rooms in space according to the distance of the Civil Service Palace from the central courtyard to the big bang. Free entry up to full capacity.

‘Arrabaladas’. Civivox St George. 18 hours. UPNA Theater Group. Scene by Fernando Arrabal. Opening of Alaiz Collective culture course. “A tasting of scenes that bring together the critical, absurd and provocative theater of Fernando Arrabal and leave no one indifferent”. With this montage of the versatile writer, the audience is invited to “discover his distinctive humor and that acidic point of view that dominates”. Free entry.


‘Damn, a love song for Sarajevo’. Golem Baiona Cinemas, Pamplona. 6.30 in the afternoon. Documentary. Directors: Raúl de la Fuente and Amaia Remírez. Spain, 2022. ‘XVII Film Show The World and Human Rights’-Conflict in Dialogues’. Neither the weight of weapons, the destruction of history, nor the envy of those who wanted a “pure” world failed to put an end to Sarajevo, which has re-emerged today stronger than ever. Božo Vreco, the most revolutionary of the Balkan artists, perfectly embodies the spirit of the “innocent city” and builds bridges between the past and the present, between men and women, between origins and regions with his unapologetic attitude. ‘Maldita, a love song to Sarajevo’ is a song to the love story and life between two cities, Sarajevo and Barcelona, ​​who managed to find each other in difficult times. Free admission.

‘Blue Folders/Karpeta Urdinak’. Golem Baiona Cinemas, Pamplona. 7:30 p.m. Director: Ander Iriarte (Spain-France, 2022). ‘XVII Film Screening Earth and Human Rights’-‘Torture and Ill-Treatment’. Ander, like many other people, suspects that what his father really suffered in that police station was torture. To clarify your doubts, you will learn about the Research Project on torture and ill-treatment in the Basque Country between 1960-2014, prepared by the Basque Government within the framework of the Plan for Peace and Coexistence. Dismayed by the results published in this investigation, he will meet again with people dedicated to medicine, psychology, psychiatry and law who participated in the project, who taught him concepts such as “psychological torture”, “Istanbul Protocol” or the “statistical approach”. ” and show you the reality of torture in the global north. Guest: Ander Iriarte, director of the documentary. Tickets: 6 €.

‘La nuit des rois (Night of the Kings)’. Tudela’s Moncayo Cinema. 20:15 ‘African Cinemas for the XXI Century’ – XXII Basic African Cycle. Free admission.


Workshop: Electrical microgeneration. Geltoki Pamplona. 6 p.m. At the Energia gara-Som Energia local group, we have developed a system called microgeneration, which feeds the energy produced by small-scale generators into the electricity grid. The workshop will consist of a theoretical-practical explanation on the operation of the device created together with EMBEBLUE to generate electricity with mini hydraulic + mini wind + bicycle. Registration at https://www.geltoki.red/mess/taller-de-microgeneracion/

‘Terrible Week of Youth House’. Youth House, Pamplona. The Fear Escape Room: ‘The Return of the Toymaker: The Toymaker has escaped’. 17 and 18 hours. The notorious serial killer has escaped from a maximum security prison where he is kept locked up after years in prison. There was only one riddle left in his cell that no one had been able to solve until now. For groups of up to 6 people. Register at Casa de la Juventud or by calling 948 23 35 12. ‘Cafeteando’-Afternoon games: Horror Bingo. 17:30 Bingo where there will be sentences from the most famous horror movies instead of numbers. The words will be omitted and whoever has them will have to cross them out. Whoever finishes the jump first wins. Free entry up to full capacity.

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