Basque Country distributes 107 million among 120 R&D projects

this European Innovation Scoreboard 2022 He confirmed on Monday that the Basque Country remains among the European countries with high innovation, 10% above the EU-27 average and well above the StateModerate innovation continues among countries. Yesterday was the turn of the R&D ecosystem to bring the world everything it has done in the last 360 days to continue to meet face to face with forces in innovation and technology such as Germany, Austria or France.

Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu was responsible for breaking down the main milestones achieved last year. Taking advantage of the opening of the XXII edition of the Astea-Science, Technology and Innovation Week, held at the Miñano Technology Park, by the thousands of professionals who make up the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network and the private sector. Urkullu attended this extraordinary event after presiding over it. Basque Council for Science, Technology and Innovation Where two key elements for the development of the Basque innovation ecosystem are discussed: talent and the creation of startups under disruptive innovation models.

The following statements were made at the council meeting: In 2022, a subsidy of 107 million Euros was approved for 120 R&D projects through various programs. Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment (Strategic Hazitek, Elkartek and Azpitek). Similarly, some of the progress of the Science Plan and the international positioning of the Basque Science and Technology System in relation to a greater orientation towards economic, social and environmental sustainability were reviewed. In his speech, Lehendakari reiterated that science “is the engine of human development and the constant pursuit of knowledge, and that it improves people’s lives.”

In line with this, he stressed that research “should contribute to economic progress.” and to solving the fundamental challenges of society, as demonstrated by the recent pandemic”. He stressed that this principle remains valid “when we face new challenges and challenges arising from the global geopolitical situation, the war in Ukraine, economic and energy tensions or climate change”.

Urkullu reminded that Basque science did not stop in 2022 despite the epidemic. As the Latest Report on Science in the Basque Country by Ikerbasque reveals. The aforementioned study confirmed the CAV as the autonomous community of the State leading R&D investments with 2.2% of gross domestic product. It also leads the way in the per capita returns of European funds, nearly tripling the Spanish average. According to this report, Basque scientific production has doubled in value over the past decade, increasing by 16% compared to pre-pandemic production. During this time, the percentage of publications in first-quarter journals with the greatest international prestige also doubled to reach 60%.

After confirming that the Basque Government has increased R&D support items by 10% in 2022 and intends to increase it by 12% by 2023lehendakari concluded his speech by calling for a renewed call for shared responsibility and shared commitment in these moments of high demand. “From the Auzolana philosophy, each of us should contribute with our grain of sand to building a better future for Euskadi. It’s a future that definitely goes through innovation,” he said.

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