CCOO asks Health to improve working conditions of medical staff

general secretary CCOO of CordobaMarina Borrego and José Damas, general secretary of the Health and Socio-Health Sectors union, held a meeting with Health delegate María Jesús Botella in Córdoba. shortcomings harassment of public health in Cordoba and a “progressive abolition of public health servicecauses damage to the population, especially to smaller rural cores”.

This is what the union and IU said last Saturday. Peñarroya-PueblonuevoAbout 1,500 people mobilized to advocate for public health and quality healthcare.

Priority for CCOO “attracting professionals who have been crushed in recent yearsFor this, the process of OEP stable contracts should be presented, however, until an agreement is reached, Damas explained, explaining that “regardless of our understanding that this situation will improve with the stabilization law, hiring should be done on a vacancies or structural temporary basis to ensure stability”.

Damas also requested that stable contracts be offered to “staff that we train and update annually through MIR, EIR, etc., on job boards and staff who will not be on published lists, to prevent them from choosing other autonomous communities or centers private”.

Moreover, the union official insisted: “improve working and economic conditions essential for areas with poor coverage and rural areas” and “in the absence of specialists at the headquarters of the former Alto Guadalquivir Health Institution, more regular calls should be made through special offers in accordance with the provisions. contractual arrangements for a single business bank”.

On the other hand, the Secretary General of Health also asked the delegate to provide functionality to Los Morales Hospital with new services and consultations, which “will also allow to clear the congestion at Reina Sofía Hospital”.


listing claims The scope of CCOO is broad. Lack of radiology equipment at Montilla Hospital forcing the referral of x-rays to other private or shared centers, or announcing that 5 doctors have not been renewed in the Emergency Department – existing doctors agree with the demand to create an independent healthcare space, together with Puente Genil High-Resolution Hospital and Primary Care domain.

At Puente Genil Hospital, the surgical waiting list is staggering, as operations are only performed 5 or 6 days a month when personnel and material resources are available, suggesting that the management is not right.

The CCOO recalled that Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo Hospital “sees its portfolio of services reduced to the point that it is. the center cannot function normally”. He pointed out that there is a shortage of specialists in anesthesia and resuscitation, ophthalmology, and surgery, and that two positions of the Regional Specialist Physician (FEA) in radiodiagnosis are vacant, and they go to the service only in the first 15 days of each month. on the morning shift.

The situation in the Guadalquivir Plumbing District is not “improving” as stated. The union condemned situations such as “poor working and hiring conditions, doctors going to more than one office on the same day, inappropriate and authoritarian attitudes of some intermediate positions and managers, excessive bureaucratic burden”.

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