CCOO presents to the Health delegation at a meeting the “lack of” public health in Córdoba


Marina Borrego, Secretary General of the CCOO of Córdoba, and José Damas, Secretary General of the Association of Health and Socio-Health Industries of the CCOO of Córdoba, met with the Health Delegate of the Andalucía Junta in Córdoba, María. They cited “many shortcomings plaguing public health” in Jesús Botella and the state.

In fact, as reported by the union in a memo, they told Bottle that such famines in Cordoba “caused the gradual interruption of public health care, which as a result harmed the population, especially in small-scale rural areas.” .

This caused the union and IU to demonstrate in Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo (Córdoba) last Saturday. According to the CCOO, about 1,500 people mobilized to advocate for public health and quality healthcare.

The priority for Damas is to “attract professionals who have been oppressed in recent years”, and for that “hiring needs to be temporary or structured to ensure stability, whatever happens with the Stability Act. We understand that this will improve, but stable contracts should be offered until we can engage in an OPE process. “

In this sense, Damas also demanded that “stable contracts be offered to personnel who will not be included in the job boards and published lists, which we train and update annually through MIR, EIR, etc.” avoid those who prefer other autonomous communities or private centers”.

In addition, the union official stressed that “improvement of working and economic conditions is essential for rural and difficult coverage areas” and “call should be made if specialists are not available at the headquarters of the former Alto Guadalquivir Health Institution”. more rigorous through special offers than those regulated in the contractual arrangements of the single job exchange”.

On the other hand, the Secretary General of Health also asked the Health Delegate to provide functionality to Los Morales Hospital with new services and consultations, which “will also allow to unblock Reina Sofia Hospital”.

The list of CCOO claims submitted to Botella also includes “lack of radiology equipment at Montilla Hospital, which means sending X-rays to other private or partner centers, or announcing that the five-door doctor has not been renewed for emergencies that are reckless with the current shortage of doctors.”

Add to this the request to “create an independent healthcare space with Puente Genil High Definition Hospital and Primary Care domain”, considering that “the surgical waiting list at Puente Genil Hospital is barely progressing operations only five or six days a month, staff and material resources are available” when it is done, which makes us think that the administration is not right”.

The Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo Hospital, on the other hand, “has seen its portfolio of services dwindle to the point where the center cannot function normally. There is a shortage of specialists in anesthesia and resuscitation, ophthalmology and surgery, and two Specialist positions. The Field in Radiodiagnosis (FEA) is vacant, and the ward is only available in the morning for the first 15 days of each month.” attends his shift”.

In addition, “abusive working and hiring conditions, doctors going to multiple offices in the same day, inappropriate and authoritarian attitudes of some middle and managerial positions, and excessive bureaucratic burden, and a separate question, a project announced in the Cordoba capital and never heard from again.” Out-of-hospital emergencies deserve the third point.”


Regarding the new Palma del Río Hospital, Córdoba CCOO Health Secretary General stated that “the Radiology Service staff and the Physiotherapy staff of the Health Center have been transferred and the remaining staff will be provided with the Reina Sofia Hospital staff”.

At the CCOO, they understand that the new hospital “should be staffed with its own staff and not be subtracted from Palma Health Center or Reina Sofia, which we asked the delegate to inform us about what the staffing of this new center would be.” and if there will be a new staff to be created or, on the contrary, there will be the transfer of personnel from other SAS centers, it will contribute to aggravate the dispersion of public health in the province”.

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