Health replied that concerts for private hospital care in Por Andalucía decreased by 11.37%


The Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs responded this Tuesday to the statements made by Inmaculada Nieto, Spokesperson for Por Andalusia in the Andalusian Parliament, regarding the increase in health concerts in the Andalusian Government’s 2023 Budget project: “The truth is that it is not an increase as Andalusia states. There is a 11.37% budget reduction in concerts held with private hospitals”.

In a memo, the ministry claimed it was “key to any discussion” in the evolution of the set of total spending on concerts in previous budget years, and subsequently “did not grow, but the trend was downward.”

In this sense, “4.69% of the budget was for concerts in 2012, 4.21% in 2018, 4.23% in 2020 and 3.84% in 2021. If the reference is strictly health agreements, the percentages are 1%, 66 (2012), 1.62% (2018), 1.71% (2020) and 1.44% (2021)”.

Health assessed that Nieto’s conclusions after analyzing the Health items in the 2023 Budget were “absolutely wrong”.

“Ms. Nieto’s reference to the increase in referrals, both in surgical interventions and diagnostic tests, is notable when even the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) has not been able to conduct a comparative study, as the fiscal year 2022 has not yet ended, and 2023 is about to begin”, the Ministry confirms. .

This Monday, Inmaculada Nieto warned of a “disproportionate increase” in patient referrals, diagnostics and surgical interventions to private health clinics.

As Andalusia details, the estimate of patients to be treated at compliant hospitals rises 25.2% from the projected 195,745 in 2022 to the projected 245,000 for 2023.

Surgical interventions rose from 82,214 in 2022 to 127,782 as stated in the PJA Board’s 2023 Budget project, an increase of 55 percent, indicating growth in the estimate of surgical interventions at compliant hospitals.

Health defended that “the priority of the Ministry is to deal with the health and needs of patients” and on this basis, it was decided to make necessary referrals to agreements with private centers, according to needs and delay data.

The department, headed by Catalina García, stated that “since the purpose of these concerts has always been to improve the care of the public, it will continue to refer to compliant centers at any time according to their identified care needs.” After emphasizing that “it is doomed to further displacement and prolonged aid response time due to a historic problem of access to public resources due to the negligence of socialist governments”.

“Even during the pandemic years, concert expenditures have stabilized, with spectacular results both compared to previous years and in relation to other autonomous communities, both in terms of impact on waiting lists,” the Ministry of Health said. Said. .

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