How can you make your business more accessible?

When you break the term “accessibility” apart, you get the simplest definition of the word: “capability” for “accessibility”. It does not specifically refer to people with disabilities, although it is often taken for granted. this accessible design is about creating a world accessible to all. whether it’s a public pool or the 50th floor, easily.

When accessibility moves into the workplace today, you may be missing out on a lot of potential business. even the opportunity to recruit talented candidates, for example, if the company premises are not accessible.

So it’s time to start working enable your company to contribute to creating an equal and inclusive world.

Physical changes you can make to your building

Stairs and slopes

For a person with limited mobility, facing steps or a steep slope can be daunting. what usually happens at the entrance of a building.

Making access easier doesn’t have to be expensive, It can be as simple as installing a ramp or purchasing an unstable temporary ramp. On the other hand, a platform lift is a great option for allowing independent access to a building.

It is also recommended to have parking spaces. vehicles for the disabledso they do not have to make long trips to the workplace or depend on adapted public transport.

corridors and doors

Inside a building, there can be dozens of obstacles that prevent some people from moving, such as corridors and wickets. If aisles aren’t wide enough, widening them is a big deal, but it’s easy and inexpensive. Another barrier may be the doors themselves: People with reduced mobility may find it difficult to open heavy doors and may be reluctant to seek help. Automatic or sliding doors are the perfect solution for users to have their own independence, especially for wheelchair users.

Service tables and counters

Many limiting factors, such as the height and size of desks, can be overlooked and prevented from using your facilities. Tables are often too high, too low, or not wide enough for a wheelchair user to be comfortable. If the furniture is stationary, consider the possibility of having some accessible desks or moving the furniture so it’s also important for people with vision problems.

Non-physical changes you can make to your business

Web site

so you website is accessible to everyonesimple and minimal changes are often required, for example:

  • Add alt tags to all web images
  • Make sure images don’t contain text
  • Choose colors carefully: Black text on a white background is best, but having options to adjust colors may be appropriate for a wider group of people.
  • Make sure the clickable elements are large enough and not too close to other clickable elements.
  • Use clear titles and make sure the content is presented in an easy to understand way.
  • Use a font size of at least 16px


Here are some things you can do to make your ads more inclusive:

  • Add an audio description to your ads to explain what’s showing. This allows people with vision problems to understand what your ad is about.
  • Similarly, adding text to your ads helps people with hearing impairments understand them.
  • The best accessible layouts are clear, simple and uncluttered – avoid putting text over images as they can be difficult to read
  • Avoid using “handwritten” fonts as they can be difficult to read.

customer service

Having a great customer service team or procedures is vital to ensure everyone has access to help and important information when they need it. One of the main things is to teach your staff how to communicate effectively with customers with various disabilities; example of inclusive communication: an employee reading a program for someone with a visual impairment.

Some customers may need more help and assistance from the staff, so make sure you have them on hand. and is ready to help make customers feel comfortable and relaxed when visiting your business.

to throw a policy on your website that highlights how you offer products and services to people with disabilities Ensuring that everyone benefits from your business equally can be important.

Make a list of everything you do to provide customer service and then identifies and removes possible obstacles that people with disabilities may encounter.

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