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When? Oihan Sancet (Pamplona, ​​22 years old) shines on the field, athletic shines on Friday, in Montilivi against Girona, the Navarrese midfielder was barely visible from the midfield and Atletico’s game was damaged. It was almost out of production, no one distributed the tapes and went in. If Sancet suffers, the rojiblanco game is also damaged and the patient has a fever. It is a thermometer that shows the condition of the equipment. San Mamés hopes he will return to his usual role against Valladolid (8:00, Movistar).

Therefore, it is very important that the football player trained in the Lezama quarry begins to be more regular during the matches and for more consecutive matches. Ernesto Valverde had been doing this from the start of the course, when he retracted some of his predecessor Marcelino’s bids and placed Sancet in a more backward position with a long space in front of him.

It’s an ideal situation for the team due to his frenetic playstyle and for him, who is increasingly mechanizing his style of movement: he controls when he picks up, turns left or right, and after jumping, the opponent looks onto the field. a line of defense. He describes himself as “a football player who likes to spin, glides the ball, tries to help and gives an advantage to his teammate,” and says: “I’ve always played in the lower divisions more at home and got used to it. But when I joined the AA team, Garitano and Marcelino always pushed me higher. “I don’t see myself as a striker, but in this position I think I can score a goal for the team,” he said.

Sancet has already made 91 games with Athletic. Curiously, he only finished 90 minutes in two, one against Huesca in 2021; the other against Villarreal a week ago. He was one of the brightest players on the field. There’s no reason why Navarrese is changed so often, but since there are five substitutions per game, it makes more sense for coaches to change attacking guys more often. Valverde denied it was because of the pubalgia he was experiencing. The actress decided to work with conservative treatment over the summer in collaboration with club doctors and a physical trainer from Pamplona, ​​who helped minimize her discomfort without having to have surgery. He needed to rest in the last games of last season. Despite not finishing games, Sancet is the midfielder who has played the most games with Valverde (12).

For several years at Lezama, they followed Sancet’s footsteps closely off the field. Last year, after an incident involving his vehicle in Pamplona, ​​the alarms went off and he left the vehicle to avoid being caught by city officials. However, things seem calmer since he started at Athletic. “There is always danger. There are people who can’t focus on football and get lost,” the athletic player said in an interview with El Correo. “It fits with each one’s personality. Personally, I am a man who will always remember where I came from. There are people in my life who love me and help me focus.” “They’re the ones who help me forget who I am and get out of the way.”

Now it sounds like a member of Luis Enrique’s World Cup preliminary roster. The same coach admitted that Sancet was in the first name draft months ago: “We love him a lot. Actually, he is on the preliminary list with 47 outfielders and 6 goalkeepers, but more players could be included, which is obvious”. He prefers to focus on topics: “My personal goal is to play, to help the team, to try my best to help my teammates, and from there the team can achieve as many victories as possible and be as high as possible”.

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