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spectator biggest football tournament in the world can reach 5 billion viewers. Between November 20 and December 18, hundreds of countries will have their eyes on what’s going to happen in Qatar, the home of the 2022 World Cup. At this major sporting event of international importance, brands can find a great showcase where new applications are showcased. Your marketing techniques will be transcendent for acquiring new customers and increasing sales.

Football fans and consumers represent a very large segment of the market. 2018 edition, held in Russia total audience 3,572 million followers (including those who watch television, digital platforms, etc.), which was just over half the world’s population four years ago.

Since it is an international event attended by national teams, the purchase of allusive products and services will increase rapidly in hundreds of countries during this World Cup excitement. To see more clearly, just look at the snow He will receive FIFA for marketing rights: $1.353 million, or €4.724 million, accounting for 29% of the total revenue budget for brand sponsorships reaching $4.666 million.

so a endless brands want to ride the train for the World Cup. Understanding and trusting consumers is essential to achieve a significant increase in sales. technological solutions applied to marketing Available to make the most of this event.

“When companies have a clear goal in a campaign, there are many benefits that can be derived from this type of sporting event. It is essential to know the target audience, i.e. to understand their needs and desires in order to produce engaging content related to a football language and the World Cup. Next, it is critical to implement technology marketing tools that apply artificial intelligence (AI), chatbot, reporting and big data to visualize the state of the metrics and devise a strategic plan that maximizes investment. time. to make better decisions faster”, mentions Paul BoniCEO and Founder

With this formula and more than 12 years of travel in Latin America, Europe and the United States, Paolo shares some strategies to reap extraordinary benefits from Qatar 2022:

hyper personalized marketing It increases engagement, conversion and engagement as it is a technique for even more direct contact with customers. To implement this, you need to know the context of the consumer; Real-time data and advanced analytics that enhance CX are also required. As well as adding a conversational trading strategy based on artificial intelligence, chatbots and voice interfaces.

Flash offers and live shopping They are two innovative marketing mechanisms that are trending in 2022. live shopping
It is the new strategy of e-commerce in social networks. It consists of launching live streams on Tik Tok or Instagram to show products (in this case related to the World Cup) to connect with the brand in a more direct way, thereby increasing engagement and increasing purchasing decision. of the target audience.

Most users who consume a brand or service follow it on social networks; Taking advantage of this football season is essential to delight your communities with thematic and valuable aspects of the maximum football party. this flash deals It is a promotional format in which a certain number of products are offered at cheaper prices in just 60 minutes during a football match.

As a result, it is crucial to implement a different marketing strategy with the support of a good ally to improve your results, have a 360º vision and make the best decisions through specialized and integrated technology to “play” an effective and winning game in this World. Cup..

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