These are the finalists of the Jerez Sports Gala awards

this Fifth edition of the Jerez Sports premiere It is celebrated this Thursday at La Atalaya Museums from 7:00 pm. As in previous editions, the City Council will recognize the different sports clubs of the municipal district at this event, as well as individual athletes. In the 2021-2022 season, besides his career, his achievements It has a dual purpose: the promotion of sport and the public recognition of clubs and athletes for their perseverance and efforts in this regard.

Jerez City Hall announced the finalists for six categories this Tuesday:

Best Athlete of the Year

Top Promising Athlete

  • Anthony Lopez. Motorcycle driver. The 10-year-old Guadalcacín rider has an innate motorcycle talent rooted in refined technique, which earned him the title of Spanish Champion in the MiniGP 110 category, and is also the youngest champion in the history of the Championship. Andalusia.

  • Martha Barrera. Shovel. He rose to 50th place in the world rankings of the World Pádel Tour and, in a season full of success, finished third in Spain in the ‘junior’ category, among other titles. Marta Barrera, 17, from Club Pádel Extreme Way Pádel Academia, is one of the most promising players on the Spanish circuit.

  • Paula’s Well. Athlete. The evolution of the Beiman Chapín Jerez athlete, who specializes in long-distance and middle-distance racing, seems to have no limits. He is currently first in the Andalusia Under-18 ranking, first in the absolute Andalusia and third in the Spain Under-18 ranking, his best marks are the 3,000 meters run of 10:16 and 4:33 in the queen event, the 1,500 straight meters.

sports career

  • Ramon Romero Abad. Tennis player. After winning the championship in Andalusia with a great record and renewed enthusiasm every season, he completed another successful season by participating in the Spanish Autonomous Communities Veterans Championship on the slopes of Rafa Nadal in Mallorca. He also participated in international ITF tournaments played in Portugal, Seville and Marbella and was declared the Andalusian team champion with Oromana Tennis Club.

  • Antonio Vadilo. Indoor soccer. He became the futsal player with the largest projection in the city. Selected 8 times international with the national team, 2 times as the best finisher in the National League, he won two Silver League titles and also won the Golden Boot in 2015 by being promoted to the Honor Division. He played for Frío in Jerez. Jerez, Caja San Fernando and ONO Jerez, before going to Manacor, Benicarló, Al Ryyan and since 2012 in Palma Futsal, where he hanged his boots 5 years ago, and now at the club where he is the manager and plays. After the last season, it qualified for the Champions League as the Super Cup and League runner-up.

  • Xerez Sports Club. Football. The history of sports in Jerez is incomprehensible without the Xerez CD, which celebrates 75 years of life, 75 years of passion, moments of glory, as well as the ups and downs that are part of its history and uniqueness. A club that has moved the city to the 1st League and has the virtue of being reborn like a miracle every season thanks to the passion of its fans.

Sports Management

  • DKV Jerez Basketball Association. Basketball. Born from the 2018 merger of DKV Jerez and Chajeba 2004, Unión Baloncesto Jerez is growing every season. In the past, it had 33 teams and 473 players. And for starters, it consists of 38 federated teams and 500 male and female players. It was the only provincial club that managed to classify four teams at the Andalusian Championship in 2021-2022 and developed great social action through its BDI team (Basketball for the Mentally Handicapped).

  • Dakentai Jerez Karate Club. Karate. A reference in Andalusia, a pioneer in ‘inclusive karate’ and a supporter of the ‘Shotokan Ryu Kase Ha’ line, the Jerez-based club has once again appeared in almost all Spanish and regional championships. One of the most emotional moments was Antonio García’s Black Belt 1 Dan by the Spanish Karate Federation in Parakarate modality, placing second in Spain.
  • MANUFACTURING. Chess. AJEDUCA’s founders, brothers Daniel and David Escobar, had a passion for chess during their childhood years when they learned to play with their blind father. The association uses a proven methodology to introduce chess into the education system as a tool to enhance cognitive development and contribute to comprehensive education that results in the betterment of society.

human values

  • Jerez Firefighters Association. Through solidarity events, Jerez firefighters are once again doing their best, raising money for charitable causes like helping Valentina or helping victims of the Ukrainian invasion (Chronoscale CrossFire). The Kids Race deserves special mention and the registration funds are used to buy toys for children admitted to Jerez Hospital at Christmas, which will be on December 4 this year.

  • José Antonio Parra. His resilience, personal courage, and open heart of charity support him. He is considered a ‘high performance athlete’ with a recognized disability of 84%. On his record, he stands out among other titles in the Spanish Duathlon Cross Country championship in 2021 and second place in the Spanish Mountain Race Cup for the blinds.

  • Juan and Oscar Garcia. The story of Juan García and his son Óscar is another example of resistance to adversity and the power of sport to reverse the impossible. Óscar suffers from cerebral palsy and since 2016 his father pushes his chair in popular races and marathons and wins the love of the participants as he progresses. The increased participation in the races led them to create the ‘Con Ilusión’ project, which was christened by his mother, thus participating in such competitions with his adapted chair.

  • Aitor Palomeque. Today, Aitor is again receiving commendation from Jerez for his example translated into his success as the amputee Spanish Football Champion. His ability to overcome that fateful afternoon in May 2018 when he was the victim of an accident is most commendable. At the age of 14, his dreams are to join the Spanish team, where he is a fixture in concentrations, at a World Cup, European or Olympic Games.

Sports Support

  • All-Bike. The dedicated bike shop located in the Southern District is evidence of active collaboration with sports, with its involvement in the development of other events such as Sherry Bike (he was even part of the volunteer team) or Cristo de. The la Sed Charity Cycle Route, where registrations were made and an electric bike worth approximately 2,000 Euros was donated for the draw. More than a shop-workshop, it is a meeting point and open forum on events, cycling modalities and sport in general.

  • towel automotive. It is one of the companies that most supports various sporting events in the form of sponsorship and cooperation, including the Carrera Popular de Jerez itself. It provides the brand-specific stamp of quality, fully identified with the trend towards hybrid and electric vehicles, matched with the values ​​of sustainability, care for the environment and respect for the sport itself towards the urban and rural environment.

  • Club Rugby Union Xerez. In 1992, rugby began its journey in the city in a minority. It’s been 30 years since this adventure and there are now more than 200 rugby players in the city at approved facilities like the Chapín Complex. The club’s philosophy has not changed in the last 30 years: to educate people with the respect, integrity, passion, solidarity and discipline that are the hallmarks of rugby. It offers veterans from the age of 6 a comprehensive project with stages of training, improvement and competition, signs agreements with UCA and organizes the Progressive Rugby Tournament every year in Pradera ‘Bimba’.

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