Here are the health benefits of cinnamon

Some spices are ideal for adding to a well-balanced diet because in addition to providing flavor, they can also be beneficial to health. this cinnamon It is one of the spices that especially sweeten foods and add aroma. recurrent in autumn and winter, and has the features we want our body to have. nutritionist Candace O’Neill of Cleveland Clinic reveals what cinnamon can do for us.

  1. Cinnamon as an antioxidant: component called cinnamaldehyde the person providing the property antioxidant and anti-inflammatorybecause it dilates blood vessels, which improves swelling and reduces heart disease by preventing blood platelets from accumulating. At this point in his article, the expert compared the difference between Mediterranean diets, which often contain cinnamon, and Americans who have almost none due to the amount of ready meals consumed.
  2. It can help lower your levels. glucose in the blood. O’Neill says science is trying to find out if cinnamon can help lower blood sugar. study It turns out that this benefits people taking the supplements from its properties. Not only that, but after you stopped taking it, benefits such as lowering blood sugar were still seen forty days later. Even so, the American Diabetes Association warns that no insulin medication should replace the spice.
  3. Can lower cholesterol. The aforementioned study also found that consuming cinnamon improved patients’ cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Moreover in this document A meta-analysis of ten studies concluded that cholesterol levels were “significantly reduced.”

types of cinnamon

The two most commercialized types of cinnamon are: Ceylon and Cassia. It comes from the first tree Cinnamon Verum It contains 4 to 70 times less coumarin than Cassia cinnamon. It is native to countries such as Sri Lanka and parts of southern India. We can look at the label and see the place of origin to identify the product. But they also have differences physically: color, taste and texture are much smoother. The branch twists like a thin and fragile spiral.

Cassia tree from southern China cinnamon cinnamon, and when young show much more brown with some hints of red from the tree. Rather, it is a twisted-pair helix, thicker and stiffer. A curious fact is that it is the least healthy due to its high coumarin content, but is the most commercialized worldwide due to its popular use in Chinese medicine. O’Neill warns that this type of cinnamon can be toxic to the liver if consumed in large quantities, for example as a concentrate in pills. The dietitian emphasizes the importance of purchasing quality supplements.

Cinnamon or Cassia. Source: European Press.

Other less popular types of cinnamon Saigon or Vietnamese Designed for domestic use and export. tree gathered, cinnamon loureiroi and is often confused with Cassia cinnamon because of its similarity. The biggest difference is the amount of curamine, which is the highest of all types. It has a very dark and intense, sweet and slightly spicy flavor. It comes in one piece, not several layers with the ends pointing inward.

And finally, Corinthian, originally from Indonesia or Burma and the cheaper version of Cassia can be mentioned. Its color is dark reddish brown and spicy. It also contains high levels of coumarin.

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