How did companies implement digitalization in the early 2000s?

23 years ago, the reality of small businesses was completely disconnected from the online community. The Internet was another accessory, but not a transcendental conduit for their day-to-day operations. “Freelancers have designed their web space only as a business card,” said José Manuel Fuentes, CEO of Cosmomedia.

The new millennium brought with it the beginning of the Digital Age, integrating these technologies into all areas of the company. Initially companies adapted their analog processes to ICT, but now they are adapting their operations to the digital world; here lies the real transformation; They mentioned the company.

“When an SMB realizes that the digital world brings added value, they adapt their daily work to these new opportunities,” says Silvia Fernández, the company’s content marketing specialist.

The analog transformation of the company’s internal processes has been gradual, but super-digitalization has become insane and unstoppable, especially as a result of the pandemic. The need to live connected to operate has led many companies to incorporate concepts such as the cloud, e-commerce or virtual office into their daily activities. Once the initial barrier to recognizing new tools and resistance to change was overcome, technology applied during the pandemic was further incorporated as part of every job.

Milestones in the digitalization of small businesses in the 21st century

Democratization of e-commerce: all sizes and sectors

23 years ago, SMB did not consider selling online, partly discouraged by the technical and logistical difficulty of combining e-commerce. “They told us they didn’t have time to worry about the web as if it were an outside business,” says Cosmomedia CEO José Manuel Fuentes. “We are now working with companies whose only way of doing business is e-commerce,” he emphasizes in this regard.

Improvement of Internet security protocols, expansion of payment methods and diversification of logistics companies have “democratized” access to electronic commerce. Now, even a small neighborhood store can have a strong e-commerce if you know how to manage it.

According to the Adevinta report, 86% of consumers shop online, and more than half do so consistently. In the end, the SME has adapted to consumer uses and customs.

From looking to talking, the most communicative website ever

At the beginning of this millennium, web pages were completely stagnant, not seeking interaction with the user. There were forums and blogs that allowed some interaction, but nothing comparable to the digital medium we have today.

Social networks, chats, comments, ratings, ratings, and reviews… The website has become the confluence of a company’s entire communications strategy, so much so that an online reputation crisis can condition a business’s survival.

Multiple connections from any device

In 1999, cell phones were monochrome devices with stand-alone displays and keyboards, used for making calls and managing the most agenda or sending text messages. Now we are on mobile 3/4 of the time we are connected. “Development companies had to put in a significant effort to adapt to mobile browsing parameters,” says Laura Sánchez, the company’s UX-UI designer.

web pages sensitive are those who adapt their design to the size or resolution of different screens. They require adjustments like size of photos, text, placement in columns… Today, 100% of web pages appearing in Google’s first results are responsive because positioning yourself is an essential condition. on the internet.

Campaigns are now online

The business has not given up on its seasonal window display, but is now focusing its efforts and investment in presenting its offers and promotions through the online channel and especially the website, which is the main axis of all its social and commercial activities. “They are now starting to decorate their website and plan their digital promotions in November, before they forget the page at Christmas,” the company says.

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