What is the latest situation in oral health?

The developments produced in the field of dentistry in recent years have been enormous. The growth of this field, which started with implants and called “invisible orthodontics”, has not stopped. And this Having beautiful teeth is important beyond aesthetics. and oral technology does not stop innovations to respond to this demand and seek solutions to problems such as dental hygiene for people with mobility problems.

For this purpose, a revolutionary toothbrush was born, especially in the province of Alicante, Spanish in design and manufacture, with a double-sided (also unique) head that simultaneously cleans the inside and outside of the teeth. The idea came to Paul Victoria Mancy, European Marketing Director and Head of Oral Health at pharmaceutical company GSK, when she devoted herself to caring for her parents who have cancer. He then discovered that as his worsening progressed, One of the biggest challenges when caring for people with reduced mobility is cleaning the mouth.. And he knew from his professional experience that poor oral hygiene and thus increased plaque presence is the gateway to all kinds of infections and diseases.

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