Gandia Health Department records an average of 13 new HIV cases per year

On the occasion of International Day Against HIV, Gandia Public Health Center made an assessment of the current status of this disease at the Ministry of Health.

Thus, the number of new cases diagnosed each year is maintained and is around 12 to 14, so we can confirm that seropositivity against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is stabilized.

However, it is important to remember that most people with HIV do not usually develop AIDS; this highlights the enormous importance of early detection of infection, as cases that develop the disease result from lack of detection or invalid or zero. incorrect treatment of seropositivity.

Despite this, it is extremely important to know that new cases continue to be diagnosed in the Division each year, indicating that HIV, along with other sexually transmitted infections, is still present and that appropriate precautions must be taken. in maintaining sexual relationships and other risky behavior.

Knowing the behaviors considered risky, the availability of pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis, as well as early detection can significantly improve the infection and disease numbers.

It should be noted that pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a way to prevent HIV infection through preventive medical treatment. International studies show that daily oral PrEP is up to 99% effective in unprotected sexual intercourse with sick people (condoms) and up to 74% in parenteral transmission (shared use of infected needles).

This therapy is aimed at people with a high probability of contracting HIV, ie those who have an HIV-positive sexual partner with an undetectable viral load; diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease in the past six months; Intravenous drug users; those who are at constant risk of contracting HIV and/or who request prophylaxis after repeated exposure.

Posttherapy can be used in cases that are thought to have a risky relationship with HIV, and it is administered within 72 hours.

The AIDS Information and Prevention Centers (CIPS) are reference centers that provide guidance on preventive measures to prevent infection and advise on when infection detection testing should be performed. There is a center in each provincial capital of the Commonwealth of Valencia (the telephone number in the province of Valencia is 963 13 16 16).

The Center for Public Health insists on the importance of primary protection by early diagnosis and correct medical treatment to stop the development of the disease, and correct secondary protection as well as taking safety measures during sexual intercourse.

One of the main actions intended to be carried out is the historic demand for the elimination of the stigma of people who are carriers of the virus. This inevitably begins when the population acquires and knows the right information about HIV and AIDS, through the use of clear language and the removal of barriers that isolate people living with the virus.

From Public Health it aims to strengthen the dissemination of the availability of pre-exposure and post-exposure treatments as well as self-diagnostic tests available in pharmacies.

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