Salud y Consumo promotes sports practice among people with mental health problems

of the 29 November – 1 DecemberMinistry of Health and Consumption celebrates sports event “Málaga 2022: Sport and Mental Health”. initiative Andalusian People’s Foundation for the Social Integration of people with mental illness (FAISEM), with the aim of promoting sport among people with mental health problems, valuing its benefits and analyzing their current and future situations.

This event, organized to mark the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, is Europe-wide and brings together athletes from different autonomous communities and a team from Italy. Avifes Vizcaya Gorantza Sports Club; Mental Health La Rioja; Sportsa of Valencia SASM Foundation; Castilla y León Intras Foundation Duero Sports Club; Polisportiva Aurora de Prato from Italy and Andalusia.

For three days, they will compete in 7 on 7 football and paddle tennis sports models at Club Malaka facilities and start pickle training.

After the meeting held in the Prato region of Tuscany in September and attended by FAISEM’s Spanish team completing “Málaga 2022: Sport and Mental Health”, second European sporting eventfollowing the interruption of these meetings during the pandemic.

“Sports, Mental Health and Recovery Conference”

A comprehensive cultural and recreational activity program is carried out within the framework of the sportive event and in parallel with the competition. Of these on November 30 “Sports, Mental Health and Recovery Conference”Various presentations were made by the participating delegations on the subject. current state of sport and mental health and future prospects.

At the opening, FAISEM director Silvia Maraver said, “This Málaga 2022 event is an opportunity to save the initiatives that FAISEM, the Andalusian association movement and the University of Almería were able to express in this field”.

He also emphasized that this meeting was held at the Andalusia Sports Institute. “The Malaga Declaration on Sport and Mental Health has been ratified, in which 9 European countries set up a common roadmap to promote these initiatives”.

“Therefore, the promotion of physical activity and sport will remain one of FAISEM’s strategic lines, as the benefits in physical and mental health are an excellent way to present a promising image for athletes and exercise their right to citizenship”, Additional.

Then, Carmen Sibaja, vice president of Feafes Andalucía Salud Mental and president of Afenes, said, “The associative movement it represents believes that sport decisively assists in healing processes”. Sibaja celebrated the “re-introduction of these meetings from Andalusia, which have been interrupted since the lockdown and are in high demand by users and families.”

Program promoting physical activity and sport for people with mental health problems.

People with mental illness have higher risk factors related to their health habits. Higher risk, which determines a greater presence of health problems and living an average of 10 to 15 years less than the general population. They tend to have a higher incidence of obesity; diabetes; to smoke; metabolic syndrome, hypertension; Abnormalities in cholesterol and other lipid levels in the blood.

To counter these risk factors, the beneficial effect of sport on the physical and mental health of this group of people has been proven. A study led by FAISEM, the University of Almería and the Andalusian Center for Sports Medicine concludes that lifestyle changes and regular exercise improve the development of people with mental disorders.

“Málaga 2022: Deporte y Salud Mental” is part of FAISEM’s Physical Activity and Sports Promotion Program, which promotes sports activities developed from different devices and relational movement. The aim is to promote opportunities to pursue regular physical activity through simple and preferably inclusive initiatives that are sustained and accessible over time.

Likewise, the organization of sporting events coordinated by the Andalusian Sports and Mental Health Commission, consisting of Faisem, FEAFES-Andalusian Mental Health, En Primera Persona Federation, University of Almería and SAS is encouraged.

Awareness, education and research activities and championships are held at local, regional and national level. Likewise, FAISEM participates in national and European projects for the promotion of sport in people with severe mental disorders.

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