The necessary drive for equality through sport

The reality of sports has changed in the last decade, and although the inequality between men and women is still a reality, it is a fact that this gap is gradually decreasing. initiatives such as Iberdrola Supera Awards Make the dreams of women and girls who want to be athletes and compete in the most suitable conditions come true.

Iberdrola preferred focus on visibility and “companion for our future athletes”these girls and women make their dreams come true through sports” Ignacio Galán, Chairman of the Board of IberdrolaA company that has been one of the main supporters of women’s sports in Spain since 2016. And that both the general public and public and private organizations should contribute to it. In fact, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has created a guide for the Tokyo 2020 Games with new guidelines for fair representation. Little by little, but there is much more to be done.

iberdrola Being aware of this and with the support of 32 National Federations, it celebrated the promotion of more than 600,000 federated women (two-thirds) on 30 November, without forgetting that there are more than 100 competitions associated with it. Third of the Supera Awards in Madrid. “It’s a beautiful day, an unforgettable day for the entire Iberdrola family, to see how we can make happy people who dedicate the best of their lives to doing something that many don’t realize. So it’s a happy and celebrated day.” At the entrance of the awards, declared the president of Iberdrola.

He was responsible for delivering the awards according to the decision of an extraordinary jury, which had gathered for days and consisted of key professionals from the industry: Susanna Griso, Sonsoles Ónega, Vicente del Bosque, Carolina Marín, Javier Fernández, Jesús Carballo , Manu Carreño, Marta Arce, Amanda Sampedro, Sandra Sánchez, Teresa Perales , Paloma del Río, Silvia Navarro, Eli Pinedo and Ona Carbonell.

Projects to be realized

Total in this version 300.000 Euros distribute projects, initiatives or programs that contribute to equality between women and men in sport among the six winners:

  • Prize cross the base It fell into the Getxo (Basque Country) Skating and Skating and Roller Hockey Sports Club, whose purpose was to promote grassroots sport among girls up to 16 years old and adapt infrastructures to compete.
  • Inside Results ContestClub Deportivo Pingüinos Rugby de Burgos, a category that includes aids for women’s inclusion in competition, triumphed in order to be promoted to Division of Honor B and thus set women’s rugby as an example in the State.
  • Prize Coverage Exceeds Delikia Sports Club has achieved this to encourage the practice of athletics in youth with disabilities through training in schools, associations and medical societies in Galicia.
  • To promote the integration of women into society through sports, there is the category. Social OverHer award went to the Algeciras Rowing Club (Andalusia) to help include women who have beaten breast cancer by rowing with her team.
  • documentary series conquerors ExtTV channel won the first place in the category of Super Spread with the work of athletes, federations and women’s clubs in telling stories worth being recognized and appreciated by the whole society.
  • Passes Mental Health This year’s innovation has been and its purpose is fundamental: to reward mental health care within sport. The sports program in the Treatment Unit of the Castellón Provincial Hospital, train your wingsAwarded for the improvement of increasing physical activity hours for adolescents with mental illness.

This final award was the perfect finishing touch to the third Supera Awards. 600 applicationsat an event hosted by journalist Aurora González and colored by illusionist Jorge Luengo and singer Luz Casal. Famous sports figures such as María Victoria Cabezas, secretary general of the Spanish Olympic Committee, or representatives of the 32 National Sports Federations sponsored by the company and various athlete ambassadors of Iberdrola attended this great event.

A wonderful and festive way to make the achievement of equality visible through sports practices where Iberdrola plays a key role.

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