Uvesco Group takes care of the health of its employees

The Uvesco group has launched an innovative Healthy Leadership program for companies with professionals from the Basque Country. After carrying out its first successful pilot, the company, which will implement it with 200 employees, plans to include this program in the Well-Being Leadership training project, which will be conducted by more than 500 professionals.

Basque healthtech Glucovibes’ program is based on an intelligent metabolic GPS.Extracting indicators from the body to understand how it works inside and detect metabolic problems e. The main goal of this new B2B service is to create healthy work environments through food education and by promoting personal knowledge of the body as the basis for well-being.

The Uvesco group has been a pioneer in implementing this innovative service. Employees participating in the program, in addition to participating in information meetings created for the company itself, thanks to artificial intelligence, an application with integrated metabolic GPS, integrated nutrition, activity, rest and real-time glucose levels of each person for 14 days.

With this metabolic GPS, it is possible to talk about precise nutrition because not all people metabolize in the same way.. Eating the same natural and healthy foods is not equally optimal for all people. There are metabolic systems that are more resistant to insulin at certain times of the day, others faster, others slower… Smart sensors provide an objective indicator and information that cannot be detected in any other way,” says Alberto Conde Mellado, founder of glucovibes.

After 14 days of follow-up, the medical and nutrition team prepares a personalized report based on the data recorded on the sensor and the application, and gives instructions according to each person’s goal. In this way, a positive impact is created on the well-being of every employee. At the same time, learning communities are formed in each company in the Glucovibes B2B program, enabling them to cooperate in pursuit of common goals and are constantly monitored.

“This creates a high and lasting engagement over time because it is run as a group within the company, as a group of colleagues who want to get better amongst themselves inside and outside the business. Changes in habits suggested by Glucovibes are gradual, simple, and evolutionary. The welfare level of 100% of people following the program is increasing and many are sharing it with their families so they can participate in the changes”, says healthtech CEO, Leire Frances.

Developing, recognizing and promoting the well-being of our professionals is one of the pillars of our strategy as an organisation.. Gorka Zubillaga, Uvesco’s HR Director, said: “We must not only recruit the best professionals, but also ensure that these professionals enjoy their work with the necessary resources and vitality that supports social, emotional and physical well-being.” .

“A new form of leadership was born: the healthy one. Companies like Uvesco are starting to integrate these services into their professional teams to ensure the health and well-being of their employees. and they achieve great results: relieve stress, insomnia, being overweight, a sedentary lifestyle, increased productivity and concentration, etc.

Moreover, these professionals will be part of a research program that will present some healthy lifestyle changes.. The results will be included anonymously in a study conducted by Glucovibes, which aims to become the benchmark for scientific knowledge in Europe in the field of Artificial Intelligence applied to human metabolism.

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