Villacarrillo (Jaén) launches second Local Health Action Plan to promote prevention and healthy habits


Villacarrillo’s municipality of Jaén has started preparations for the second Local Health Action Plan to continue promoting prevention and healthy habits among citizens.

The town joined the Andalusian Local Health Action Network on July 16, 2012 and approved its initial plan on the subject, with an initially expected period of four years, although it has been extended to date.

This was highlighted Thursday at a conference on this project attended by Health and Consumption regional delegate Elena González and the mayor of Villacarrillo Francisco Miralles.

With this meeting and the delivery of the harmonized health report model, the municipality is laying the foundations for the preparation and approval of the second Local Health Plan, which is expected to take four years initially.

“Today, we celebrate the municipality of Villacarrillo, which, with the commitment of the city hall and the support of the Ministry of Health and Consumption, is taking the path of citizen and corporate work to ensure better health for its residents.” said.

This model aims to harmonize and facilitate the participating municipalities to achieve these objectives, stages and milestones of the methodological process known as Relas, which is not always easy to achieve due to their technical complexity and the difficulties of assigning tasks for some municipalities. specific personnel to a project that requires it, or for other reasons.

“The Jaén Regional Delegation for Health and Consumption is taking an important step in the development of Local Action in Health, as it aims to design the local health plan within a Reasonable period of time, by adapting the Relas methodology to the reality and the needs of municipalities of different sizes and administrative structures,” he explained.

Likewise, it tries to ensure that it is followed and evaluated with a complete and comprehensive scorecard, all of which are prepared by the Commission Health Services.

Currently, 34 municipalities in the province of Jaén are part of the Andalusian Local Health Action Network: Alcalá la Real, Andújar, Arjona, Bailén, Cabra del Santo Cristo, Cambil, Escañuela, Frailes, La Guardia de Jaén, Huesa, La Iruela, Iznatoraf, Jaén, Jimena , Jódar, Linares, Los Villares, Mancha Real, Marmolejo, Martos, Mengíbar, Peal de Becerro, Porcuna, La Puerta de Segura, Russian, Santiago-Pontones, Siles, Torredelcampo, Torredonjimeno, Torres de Albanchez , Vilches, Villacarrillo, Villanueva del Arzobispo and Villardompardo.

Almost half of them joined the Network in the process of legalizing contracts and contracts promoted by the Local Health Promotion and Action Service of the Ministry of Health and Consumption in 2019.


Local Health Action is the process of strategic planning of major goals in terms of disease prevention and health promotion, managed by City Councils that involve health services, other institutions and administrations, non-governmental organizations, and municipal councils in this process. the business fabric, associations and the citizens themselves.

In accordance with regional legislation — Andalusia Local Autonomy Law (2010) and Andalusia Public Health Law (2011), the Local Health Plan is a systematic technical tool to achieve the major goals set by the strategic focus in the region. Local Health Action.

The Relas methodology recommends establishing a Local Health Plan at different stages: Initial, Local Health Profile, prioritization of strategic lines of action, Action Plan, Political approval and Implementation.

The process ends with the review of prioritization, general and specific objectives, monitoring and evaluation indicators, and the evaluation of the process and implementation results leading to a new planning cycle.


Municipalities themselves are responsible for the leadership of local health plans, and at the beginning of the process they assign their management responsibilities to the mayor, who has direct or close responsibilities for health issues. In turn, they identify one or more technical profiles for the direct management of the Local Health Action process, the preparation of the Local Health Profile and the drafting of the Local Health Plan.

The technical and methodological advice provided to municipalities in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of relevant Local Health Plans is the result of the combined action of the Local Health Promotion and Action Service of the Department of Health and Consumption; Andalusian School of Public Health through a management assignment; and the peripheral network of Local Health Action Units organically linked to Andalusia Health Service but oriented in Health services in Health delegations of different provinces.

Key elements for the planning and preparation of the Local Health Action Plan is the creation of the Motor Group in response to what is required, as well as the necessary training for the coordination leaders of the municipalities subordinate to Relas, which is not necessarily required. Citizen participation through representatives of existing institutions and organizations in the municipality.

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